Need For Speed No Limits

Realtime - On Need for speed environments i was responsible for helping with track layout, Jump assets, Environment Textures, The Church Model and Surroundings, Graffiti Decals and Other environment additions, including powerlines, dumpsters, etc.

Jesse barratt shot
Jesse barratt shot 01
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Jesse barratt showcase newfidelity2
Jesse barratt showcase newfidelity
Jesse barratt showcase midnight
Jesse barratt showcase midnight3
Jesse barratt showcase newlighting
Jesse barratt showcase midnight2
Jesse barratt showcase newlighting2

Realtime - On the Cars team my asset responsibilities included the modelling, texureing, material creation, and in game asset management of car components including, wheels, spoilers, body-kits, and other customizable sections of the car.

Jesse barratt showcase exposure
Jesse barratt nfsnl showcase block
Jesse barratt showcase garage 01
Jesse barratt nfsnl showcase showroom
Jesse barratt showcase garage 02
Jesse barratt nfsnl showcase showroom2
Jesse barratt nfsnl showcase wraps

Need For Speed No Limits

Working at EA I have been lucky enough to work on Need for Speed No Limits ( ios and Android title), in both the environment and vehicular art departments.

*all art was done in collaboration with a team of artist that included myself.