Zombie Riot VR

Key Promo Shot - I was responsible for layout, design, lighting and elements of post, finalizing was done by an in house 2D Artist due to time restrictions.

Jesse barratt key art

Promotional Poster Shots - I was responsible for Offline Rendering of Zombies, Screen Capture of Environment, Post,Workup, Composition and Lighting, as well as weapons and environment objects and materials.

Jesse barratt promo 01
Jesse barratt promo 03
Jesse barratt promo 04
Jesse barratt promo 05

Realtime - In the following shots i was solely responsible for most environment materials, textures, and models, as well as environment design, and lighting.

Jesse barratt ss 3978093ff09f598d2a3723780716a91a9170a16d 1920x1080
Jesse barratt ss 6831047cbf931ddce279d47610dfa1b7c9950755 1920x1080
Jesse barratt ss 2fa9752516d6622c2fb2509edb8a68b7c30184bc 1920x1080
Jesse barratt ss 6fbcc8c85f30d8b3f07106ab911f1f14027e191e 1920x1080
Jesse barratt ss 9c06d3f38f9103baefbeb839dffd8384810cb4b3 1920x1080
Jesse barratt ss 700b2269605a8b6e1557669869869eafdb5baa67 1920x1080
Jesse barratt ss 6248d30a44e4b20498bcdc8738300b4003047dfd 1920x1080

Realtime - The following imgaes are a SMALL SELECTION of the props and assets that were created for some of the environments that i was responsible for.

Jesse barratt 48
Jesse barratt 49
Jesse barratt 50
Jesse barratt 51
Jesse barratt 52
Jesse barratt 53
Jesse barratt 54
Jesse barratt 40
Jesse barratt 41
Jesse barratt 42
Jesse barratt 43
Jesse barratt 44
Jesse barratt 45
Jesse barratt 46

Zombie Riot VR

ZR is an action packed horror survival game where you must use your wits and surroundings to survive the apocalypse! Purchase a huge array of weapons, from Dual Pistols to a Tesla Assault Rifle! All in your own home, survive the end of the world in this visually stunning VR experience!

Responsibility's included Art Direction Investigation and Look Dev, Weapon Art, Prop Art, Environment Art, and Lighting/composition. Asset production was a culmination of Purchased, Royalty Free and Custom made Assets.